Morocco is the gate to Africa. The country's facing huge progression, a turbulent modernisation in all fields of its economy is expected during the next decades. The companies having good relations and experiences in Morocco, will make their first steps to be successful in Africa as well, the most dynamically developing continent, which offers the largest return rates for all investments.


Hungary is a stable country. It is economically one of the most attractif country in the Central-European region. Hungary is a hub for Europe, geographically very well situated and  perfectly served by all the transport possibilities. The booming economy and the investment friendly environment are offering great opportunities for Moroccan businessmen.


The Embassy of Hungary in Morocco is accredited to Mauritania as well so do not hesitate to contact us concerning commercial suggestions and cooperation issues.


The Kingdom of Morocco considers the green development as an engine of its economy. The developments in the green sector (water management, solar energy and wind power) and the transformation to a sustainable growing agriculture industry have their own state formed strategies. Morocco is open for all innovations, the country can be a « crib of opportunities » for the Hungarian business entities. All firms with competitive know-how and new solutions might be the winners of the progress of Morocco.


We would like to invite you to contact us for any inquiries you might have concerning economic and commercial issues developing commun value added interest.


Mr. János Joszkin the foreign trade attache of Hungary, with his experiences in many fields of corporate business, is at the disposal of the Hungarian companies, to accelerate their trip on the path to success of Morocco. You can contact Mr. János Joszkin at